Placement Preparation Course

Placement Preparation Course

Introduction to Placement Preparation Course
  • Overview:
    • Understand the evolution of full-stack development and its importance in building modern web applications.
  • Technology Stack:
    • Explore the layers of a typical full-stack development stack, including the frontend, backend, and database.

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Placement Preparation Course
🖥️ Programming Fundamentals
C Programming
  • Introduction to C:
    • Overview of C, its history, and its role in low-level programming.
  • Data Types and Variables:
    • Deep dive into data types, variables, and memory management in C.
  • Control Flow:
    • In-depth understanding of control flow structures, including if statements, loops, and switch cases.
C++ Programming
  • Introduction to C++:
    • Explore the object-oriented paradigm in C++ and how it extends C.
  • Object-Oriented Concepts:
    • Detailed explanation of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation.
  • STL and Templates:
    • Comprehensive coverage of the Standard Template Library (STL) and template metaprogramming.
☕ Java Programming
  • Introduction to Java:
    • Overview of Java’s syntax, platform independence, and object-oriented principles.
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java:
    • Advanced topics in Java, including abstraction, interfaces, and design patterns.
  • Java Collections:
    • Deep dive into Java Collections Framework, covering lists, sets, maps, and their use cases.
🖥️ Web Development

PHP Programming

  • Introduction to PHP:
    • Basics of PHP syntax, variables, and control structures.
  • PHP and MySQL Integration:
    • Connecting PHP with MySQL, executing queries, and handling database interactions.
  • Building Dynamic Web Pages:
    • Creating dynamic content, handling forms, and session management with PHP.
Python Programming
  • Introduction to Python:
    • Python syntax, data types, and control structures.
  • Web Development with Flask:
    • Building web applications using Flask, including routing, templates, and forms.
  • Data Analysis with Python:
    • Introduction to data analysis libraries in Python, such as NumPy and Pandas.
📁 Database Management
  • Introduction to Databases:
    • Basics of databases, relational databases, and NoSQL databases.
  • MySQL Database Management:
    • Database design, SQL queries, stored procedures, and transactions in MySQL.
🌐 REST API Development
  • Introduction to RESTful APIs:
    • Principles of REST, understanding resources, URIs, and HTTP methods.
  • Building REST APIs with Node.js and Express:
    • Developing RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and middleware.
  • Authentication and Authorization in REST APIs:
    • Implementing token-based authentication, OAuth 2.0, and role-based access control.
🏆 Practice and Projects
  • Coding Exercises:
    • A series of coding exercises for each language to reinforce concepts.
  • Full-Stack Projects:
    • Building practical full-stack projects, incorporating frontend, backend, and database components.
📚 Learning Resources
  • Recommended Books, Tutorials, and Online Courses:
    • Curated resources for each language and technology.
  • Programming Communities and Forums:
    • Engaging with programming communities for networking, discussions, and continuous learning.

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