What is HashiCorp Vault and how does it work?

What is HashiCorp Vault and how does it work?


What is HashiCorp Vault and how does it work?

What is HashiCorp Vault and how does it work?- It is designed to help organizations manage access to secrets and transmit them safely within an organization. Secrets are defined as any form of sensitive credentials that need to be tightly controlled and monitored and can be used to unlock sensitive information. Secrets could be in the form of passwords, API keys, SSH keys, RSA tokens, or OTP.

HashiCorp Vault makes it very easy to control and manage access by providing you with a unilateral interface to manage every secret in your infrastructure. Not only that, you can also create detailed audit logs and keep track of who accessed what.

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HashiCorp Features :

1)Data Encryption:

 Vault decrypts and encrypts information without storing it. It permits security groups to define the parameters for encryption. It also permits developers for storing encrypted data inside a location, such as SQL without designing their methods of encryption

2)Secret Storage Securely: 

Arbitrary value/key secrets are stored within the Vault. Vault can encrypt secrets before writing them for persistent storage. Hence, gaining the access to any raw storage is not enough for accessing our secrets. Vault can be written to Consul, disk, and other.


Vault includes built-in support for various secret revocations. It can cascade not only a single secret, but a tree of secrets. For example, every secret read via some specific users or every secret of the particular type. The revocation assists within the key rolling and locking-down the systems. It can also be within an intrusion case.

‌4)PIsenewal and Leasing: 

Every secret within the safe also has a leash associated with them. Automatically, Vault will cancel that secret at the lease’s end. Customers can renew the lease by renewing the underlying API

5)Dynamic Secrets:

The Vault tool can generate secrets on-demand for certain systems such as SQL or AWS databases For example, if an application requires accessing the S3 bucket, it will ask Vault for many credentials, and produces the AWS key pair along with some valid on-demand permissions. After creating dynamic secrets, Vault will automatically revoke them.

How does HashiCorp Vault work?

HashiCorp Vault is a secrets management tool specifically designed to control access to sensitive credentials in low-trust environments. It can be used to store sensitive values as well as dynamically generate access to specific services/applications on lease.

Also, Vault can be used to authenticate users (machines or humans) to ensure that they are authorized to access a particular file.

Authentication can be either through a password or using dynamic values to generate a temporary token that allows you to access a particular path. Policies written using the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) are used to determine who gets what access.


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